update from pop century resort

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update from pop century resort

we arrived in orlando on monday night at 9:30. we used the disney magical express service to be taken to the hotel. it worked fine, other than the fact that our luggage didn't get to the room until about 12:30. also, I was disappointed to find no internet access at the resort other than analog phone lines (which i'm not set up for).

on tuesday morning we went to the magic kingdom and met our friend kelly at the gate. she got us in to the park, and she helped with fiona a lot while we were going on rides. fiona did pretty well for a 10 month old. she didn't get too scared anywhere except in a new 3-d movie called mickey's philharmonic. later in the afternoon it started raining harder and harder until I got soaked. we came back to thw hotel early (6:30 or so) and also went to bed early.

on wednesday morning we went to have breakfast at the animal kingdom with our friend kelly, who works at the park. before leaving the hotel, we saw a couple dutch cubers: peter and jaap. we had a good time at the park. I tried talking to a chinese cast member at the park in chinese. unfortunately she was from indonesia and didn't speak chinese, but she taught me a few phrases in her native language that I can try out on my friend budhi.

for dinner on wednesday, we went to kelly's sister's house and met a lot of her family. when we got back to the hotel, i knocked on one of the dutch cubers' doors and met joel. we went over to the cafeteria where there was a large gathering of cubers, including ron, ton, alexander, peter g, and lars v. I got some magic tips from alexander, who was putting down times in the 1.1 second range with pretty good regularity. ton tried out my official rubik's timer for a while. he has certainly surpassed me since the 2003 world championship.

today, we are planning on going to epcot.

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