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On Friday, 4/13, I had a meeting at my house of local speedcubers. There were five people there. We had a guy come over from Delaware, and someone from northern Virginia. This was similar to the meeting I held at my house a couple years ago. We'd like to plan a local tournament, but finding a good venue is probably the biggest issue.

Also, my finger continues to bother me. I went to my doctor at the end of February, and she put it in a splint and told me to keep it there for a couple weeks. I left it in the splint for three weeks, but it didn't help much. So, this week I went to the National Hand Center in Baltimore. The doctor there told me I need to stop doing things that irritate the finger for six weeks. They gave me some different types of splints and protective gear that I can try out to see what works best for me. If my finger isn't better at the end of six weeks, they will try giving me a steroid injection in the joint, which is supposed to be kind of painful.

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